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Khalsa, Amrit S., and Surya Baktiono. CERTS Microgrid Test Bed Battery Energy Storage System Report: Phase 1., 2016.
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2015 Workshop on Fault-Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery (FIDVR) & Dynamic Load Modeling In Joint US DOE/NERC Workshop., 2015.PDF icon Agenda PDF (609.62 KB)PDF icon Workshop overview PDF (213.96 KB)PDF icon Workshop summary PDF (115.53 KB)PDF icon Takeaways and Lessons Learned PDF (369.82 KB)
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International, Open Access Tec. Assessment of Historical Transmission Schedules and Flows in the Eastern Interconnection, v1.0., 2015.PDF icon PDF (2.09 MB)
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Robles, Steven. Commercial 3-Phase Rooftop Air Conditioner Test Report. Prepared for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory by Southern California Edison, 2015.PDF icon PDF (7.29 MB)
Composite Load Modeling & System Studies In 2015 Workshop on Fault-Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery (FIDVR) & Dynamic Load Modeling., 2015.PDF icon SCE FIDVR Study Experience PDF (526.36 KB)PDF icon BPA System Impact Studies (Kosterev) PDF (11.88 MB)PDF icon AEP Experience with CMLD (O'Keefe) PDF (621.11 KB)PDF icon National Grid Experience with Composite Load Model (LaTulipe) PDF (1.01 MB)PDF icon Composite Load Model Sensitivity Study (Ghiocel) PDF (1.42 MB)
Yin, Rongxin, Douglas R. Black, Mary Ann Piette, and Klaus Schiess. Control of Thermal Energy Storage in Commercial Buildings for California Utility Tariffs and Demand Response., 2015.PDF icon PDF (3.42 MB)